Promotion Exchange offers the best in programming and website design, even for complex projects like AdFlowPro.

When a client requires more than just a standard website, Promotion Exchange has the programming expertise to design high-end software, a complex website, or an advanced app. That is exactly what AdFlowPro received when it teamed up with Promotion Exchange.

AdFlowPro is an online marketing website for direct mail coupon companies that helps monitor and manage production, sales, design, and printing. The website works as an advanced piece of software with a wide variety of functions and services; therefore it required a sizeable amount of programming to make sure it ran smoothly and efficiently. Promotion Exchange, with its exceptional programmers and designers, was up to the task.

AdFlowPro was programmed with all the features you would expect from a corporate-based online marketing website including password protected accounts, back-up servers, and workflow management software. That programming allows for seamless online co-operation between sales reps, designers, and administrators to ensure that the job was done correctly.

Thanks to the work completed by Promotion Exchange, the AdFlowPro website turned direct mail companies into efficient factories that produced thousands of coupons across the country. AdFlowPro’s programming allowed businesses to track the progress made on several projects at once with easy to read reports and graphs. Promotion Exchange also designed the website so that printing companies can easily access finished coupon designs online, further stream-lining production.

The software on AdFlowPro allows users to perform statistical breakdowns of their companies to determine where business was thriving and where it was hurting. This is a great analysis tool that Promotion Exchange thought up and programmed making AdFlowPro even more appealing and useful to direct mail companies.

When it needed help getting off the ground, AdFlowPro turned to Promotion Exchange and in return received the highest caliber of software programming and website development. Promotion Exchange also recognized a great promotional opportunity for AdFlowPro and allied it with the online coupon website The Lucky Deal. This combination of inventive programming and strategic online marketing makes Promotion Exchange an essential ally for any business from small mom-and-pop shops to online startups to major corporations.

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